O.TWO.O Highlighter Glitter Blush Contour Eyeshadow Palette #01

O.TWO.O Highlighter Glitter Blush Contour Eyeshadow Palette #01

$15.00 USD $35.00 USD

Shadow,Blush,highlight and countour plaette

Easy to wear,natural uniform color,joint connection with the skin,not easy to take off the makeup,stereo and durable makeup effect.

High quality eye shadow powder,safety and reliability,natural care for skin.
Brand: O.TWO.O
Package Weight: 0.185kg

How to use:
Depending on the shade, eye shadow can be used all over the lid, on the lower lid, in the crease or as a highlighter. Dark shades can be used as a liner; apply with a dry or damp Eye Liner Brush.

Package Content:
1*  Eyeshadow(with box)

1. Please be kindly informed that colors of the item you receive might be slightly different from pictures on the item page. Please kindly understand that pictures are only for your reference and we should make the color of the actual product as standard.
2. Please do not for purposes other than makeup.
3. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
4. Keep out of the reach of kids.