O.TWO.O Light Silky Flowing Cloud Silk Honey Powder Cake

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The flowers lose their "color", and the powder is solid. The combination of classic baking technology + silk powder formula makes the powder lighter, smoother, and more skin-tight; the delicate and silky powder can hide pores and blemishes, but also can freeze the natural and transparent makeup. Let you guard the face of the flower at all times, thin and comfortable.

Fine powder, silky skin feel
The powder is added with silk powder and baked at a constant temperature to evaporate the water. The powder is smoother and firmer, and the makeup is lighter and smoother, even and transparent.
Set makeup freely, refreshing and oil control
The makeup is matte, soft focus, concealing blemishes, refreshing and controlling oil, and turning on the microdermabrasion filter with one touch
Portable makeup replenishment, less burden on the go

01 Streamer Beauty
With shiny pearl, set makeup and brighten 02 velvet beautiful skin
Matte setting, flawless and translucent