O.TWO.O Love Color Imprint Eyeshadow Box

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Love color imprint eyeshadow palette

Outside: transparent frosted 9 square grid square plate, gentle and minimalist style, fresh and unique;
Inside: pearl/matt/shimmer texture pressed powder

1. The powder is fine and not easy to fly
2. Apply makeup and docile, evenly smudge
3. Two textures, moderate color development
4. Selected 9 colors, 3 major colors for eye makeup requirements

Delicate and soft waxy flour, non-flying flour
The silty is fine and soft, easy to smudge when pushed away
The makeup does not fly powder, the makeup is even and it is not easy to wear makeup

Matte + pearl + glitter, rich eye makeup
Three textures
Light matte base, dark matte to deepen the transition
Pearlescent brightens individual parts, making eye makeup richer and more layered

Four major colors
#01Bright Peach Plate
#02Almond Cocoa Plate
#03Rose Story Disk