O.TWO.O Dark Fragrance Thick Mascara

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You should be gentle and powerful; a dark fragrance floating, eye-catching; waterproof and zero smearing, carefully arranged bristles, light coverage; slender roots, dense layers, fully curled;
Wear makeup for a long time, without fear of oil and sweat; you are still firmly chosen!

Contains acrylic (ester) copolymers for rapid film formation. Quick-drying without sticky eyelashes, bid farewell to fly legs. There is no sticky feeling even after repeated dyeing. It is light and anti-faint, wraps layer by layer to thicken eyelashes.

The silicone brush head is tightly attached to the eyelashes, smoothly brushing out natural thick curls;
360-degree no dead angle brushes different slim and dense effects;
Lifting eyelashes, quick-drying and shaping, long-lasting curling;
No clumping, no flies legs, not easy to smudge;
No fragrance, no irritation.

Color number: black